Jim Dickens Fabrics

Jim Dickens Fabrics

Here are some of our beautiful fabrics available from Jim Dickens, they are perfect for high-class reupholstery and custom built furniture that here at Eeze Interiors we are renowned for. Whether it be a simple elegant sofa you require us to make or maybe a fully reupholstered suite we are sure to have the perfect fabric requirements for you.

Dare you dream of style and luxury created to reflect a lifestyle or personality, of fabrics with a distinctive quality and feel inspired by history, nature and art. If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Jim Dickens.

Jim Dickens has recently launched its new collection, which has attracted phenomenal attention. Tucked away in the heart of Staffordshire, this fabric wholesale company has become a buzzword in the world of textiles. Specialising in the highest quality drapes and upholstery fabric, a treasure house of designs created and influenced from traditional English culture to Islamic art.

The designs go beyond traditional naturalism by using forms derived from obscure and exotic designs as well as simple and classical elements. The evolutionary design of the collection bears no single approach but is used as a basis for conventionalised or modernistic and contemporary appeal.

The metamorphosis of Jim Dickens has allowed designers from the worlds leading textile houses to become the major vehicle for the creation of interiors, which are a total works of art.

The complex use of an eclectic range of sources has led to an ultimate collection heralded as a collection to dominate design and debate. The Jim Dickens launch has been recognised as a style that receives serious attention, where the developments not only change peoples experiences of the world but also their expectations of what quality, design and price can achieve.

Apart from the purely visual influence, the touch of the fabrics exudes a heady sensuality, which dispels the myth of using different fabrics in drapery and upholstery.

The asymmetric, curvilinear profile, use of floral detailing and ovals carries connotations of decadence and eroticism, which will equally be at home in country houses, stately castles, english rose cottages and smart apartments and penthouses.

Interiors will blend with aspirations creating an art of exploration and re-orientation, re-inventing the classical past or reflecting the contemporary concern. The collection is viewed as a means of discovering the soul, the existence which modern materialism appears to have left behind.

Fine examples of fabric have been produced by individual designers and companies, the nations best practitioners in applied interior design. The designs disseminate the new aesthetics across the face of Britain through the remarkable collection, which gives the style its cohesiveness as well as renowned significance.

The company has an extremely eclectic style, that is to say, both the look of the fabrics and the personal service it conveys are brought together to create a certain effect, look no further we take your dreams seriously.