Reupholstery in the Uk

Why most of our re-upholstery work is in the South of England?

We believe our customer’s in the south of England love our honesty regarding price’s we don’t add hundred’s of pound’s onto your order just  because you live in a big house or a certain postcode. In the past, some of our customer’s have literally been quoted hundred’s and hundred’s of £s more than our prices. Our prices are the same to all our customer’s regardless of their locality.

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Please take note when receiving prices from other companies, is the price from your upholsterer for full reupholstery? or a recover? an upholstery recover should be substantially less expensive because, it is simply a case of replacing the upholstered fabric.

Reupholstery on the other hand, should be stripped right back to the frame and then the frame should be checked before being built back up again, replacing components and foam etc as required. Here at Eeze Interiors not only do we do all the above on all our work but we also supply you with full photographic evidence in email form so you are assured all work is completed to specification. If we find more work once we have your sofa stripped down ie broken frame broken spring’s this will be fixed within the quoted price. We will never come back and try charging extra to our customer’s we are a professional reupholstery company with ethic’s.

One of our lovely customer’s comments

“Big thanks for upholstering my sofas. We didn’t expect such a quick service knowing you are in Yorkshire we contacted a few other companies locally and are yet to receive a reply. You have been collected and delivered our newly reupholstered furniture in the meantime”

D.Mathers Surrey re-upholstery

Why Eeze Interiors for re-upholstery

  • The Price we quote will never be altered. Therefore no hidden extra’s
  • Fast turnaround, we will not collect your furniture until we are ready to start it. Then when we do collect, it is in and done within usually a fortnight.
  • Loan chairs are available free of charge if required.
  • Association of Master upholsterers certified
  • All prices fully inclusive (no added extra’s)

We recently supplied a sofa to Harrods of London which will live in the Lanvin designer outlet, if it’s good enough for Harrods then it is good enough for our wonderful customers.

When you look at a beautiful piece of furniture, you can tell immediately that it’s been created or reupholstered by a professional craftsman. A good upholsterer can give your furniture a polished appearance that exceeds anything you’d find in a chain store.

That’s exactly how it works with Eeze Interiors. We can rehabilitate your worn or outdated chairs, sofas, or furniture for much less than the cost of buying something new, and ensure that it’s so wonderfully crafted that people will always take notice.

The build process and completed sofa’s

If you have a one-of-a-kind piece that can’t be replaced, we can not only extend its life with new fabric, we can make sure it’s personalized in such a way that it will be the most beautifully unique piece that you own. As proud members of the guild of master upholsterers and soft furnishers, we believe that furniture can be made new again; that’s why we collect and reupholster furniture every week, from all over the UK.

Furniture, unlike a lot of products, carries memories that can be passed down for generations. And when you choose to reupholster your furniture, you’re merely adding another layer to its long history.


What Does an Upholsterer Do?

Our master upholsterers work with you to bring your furniture back to life. Using fabric to cover exterior and interior elements, along with padding, new foam, trim, piping and tufting, we can fashion your furniture in such a way that it will look as if it came straight off the showroom floor. What’s more, we’ll advise you about the pros and cons of different fabrics so you can choose the perfect fit for both the piece, and design of your home.

Eeze Interiors works directly with you our customer to custom design or recover your furniture. We’ll make sure that you understand each step in the process, and that you’re fully satisfied with the results.


How to Know When It’s Time to Reupholster

Has your favorite sofa or antique chair just sort of had it? Does it look worn down but you just can’t seem to part with it? Maybe instead of throwing it out, just give it a facelift!

Here’s how to tell if you should reupholster versus replace.

If your piece of furniture is more than 10 years old and it’s still standing as strong as the day you got it, then it’s more than likely a well-built piece of furniture that could simply use a coat of fabric. This is especially true if your sofa or chair is a bespoke piece crafted by a reputable upholstery company.

If, however, you purchased it as a cheap fill-in piece from a mass producer/manufacturer, or if it’s a little too wobbly after just a few years of use, then maybe you’re better off replacing it with a better piece or something bespoke.


Quality & Honesty Matter

At Eeze Interiors, we will give you an honest answer as to whether or not the furniture in question is worth recovering. For example, say you purchased your sofas from a mass manufacturer on a “buy one get one free” advertisement—which is a fairly common practice—then, generally speaking, we would say this type furniture is not worth the expense or work involved.

The reason being is that this furniture is known as “fashion furniture,” and it’s mass produced, meaning most of the time cheaper, inferior hardware and components are used in its construction. We can, however, suggest our more inexpensive loose cover option.

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“Each Piece We Reupholster is created with Honesty and Integrity”

Reupholstery in the Uk