Curtains Made to Measure

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“The Most Beautiful Curtains and Roman blinds you’ll Ever Own Will be Made-to-Measure by Eeze Interiors”

Curtains made to measure and blinds set the tone of the room. They tie room colours together, they display large swatches of colour, and they block out or let in the sunlight. And when you have windows that aren’t tiny, made-to-measure curtains and blinds are the way to go.

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At Eeze Interiors, we not only make high-quality curtains, we ensure they’re made-to-measure to fit any of your rooms and windows. They’ll be so perfect, both inside your home and from the outside looking in, that you’ll wonder why you never had curtains custom made in the first place.

The key to made-to-measure curtains and roman blinds is that they’re not just thrown up on the wall haphazardly. They’re carefully measured, hung, and fitted to suit your room. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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We’ve been offering made-to-measure curtains for more than 20 years, and for that time we’ve been committed to providing one of the best custom curtain and roman blind services in the UK. Whether it be fabric, style, size or colour, we plan on creating your dream curtains. In fact, we’ll be happy to let you try out a fabric swatch or book for a day or two before deciding to even place an order.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We also offer bespoke curtains and pelmets of all types, to ensure that our customers’ needs are being met no matter what it takes. And to make the entire process easier on you, we’ll send someone out to measure on site before we start working, and once the process is finished our professional fitter Darren will even make his way out and hand fit them himself.

Don’t settle for ill-fitting curtains that you buy off the peg and instead choose made-to-measure curtains from Eeze Interiors.

Here are just a few of our curtain fabrics: