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Loose Cover Services & Frequently Asked Questions

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My covers have shrunk a little or are ill fitting, can we still send them?
YES. We get many sets of covers to copy that have shrunk or are ill fitting. We can easily adjust the fit of the new covers with a few basic measurements. If you’re unsure, call us!
My covers are very heavy... Will they be expensive to post?
Not at all! We can arrange for your covers to be collected by parcel force for a small charge, or you can drop them off at your local post office with a label attached (which we will provide). Alternatively, you can arrange everything yourself through at a price of around £8.95 (or another courier if you prefer).
Will you copy off my covers exactly?
Typically, no. We only use your old covers for the pattern. The new covers will fit the same way, but they are made with our own, more modern fabrics. If you want your covers to be exact copies of the originals, please let us know, and we will be happy to discuss this with you.
Will you send back my original covers?
Only if originals are in good clean condition and not excessively worn (small charge applicable for this service). Any covers covered in animal hairs or excessively dirty will not be returned. This is because if we put them back together in unclean condition it will clog the mechanics of our machines and cause damage also animal hairs can cause allergy problems to our machinists. If you do want us to return your old covers, please let us know on your order form and we will inspect the covers and see if this is possible. Please note this is a discounted service because we are using your originals for the template so we need to take apart in order to get our pattern. Eeze covers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to old covers while being unpicked. IF NO NOTE PLACED ON THE ORDER FORM WE TAKE THIS AS COVERS NOT REQUIRED BACK! AND ORIGINALS WILL BE DISPOSED OF.
How can you afford to do quality work if you charge so little?
It’s simple. You’re purchasing a service directly from the manufacturer, and we don’t employ a sales force. So, we get the materials as cheaply as we possibly can, because we make them, and we don’t pay overpriced commissions to pushy middlemen. We just pass the savings to you. It’s a win-win situation.
I do not have old sofa covers for you to copy! Can you still make me new ones?
Absolutely! We can collect your furniture, bring it into our workshop, and do all the work in-house. In addition, for clients that live in certain areas, we can even send a tailor to your home to measure your furniture and create a template! If you opt to use our collection service, we will liaise with you for a mutually convenient collection date. We like to get furniture in and out within a 2-3 week period. We don’t want to inconvenience you any more than is absolutely necessary. Please refer to the map in the section below for options and pricing.

No Covers to Copy? you can now take advantage of our copy cover (discounted prices)

We have a solution for you.

Collection courier Service

If opting for our collection service we will arrange for your furniture to be collected and brought into our head office. We will liaise with you for a mutually convenient collection date. We like to get furniture in and out within a 2-3 week period so you are not inconvenienced any more than necessary. Copy cover price plus a small discounted charge from our couriers makes this still a fantastically reduced service compared to any other company in the UK.

Tailored Service

Alternatively, one of our tailors may call to take detailed templates at your home this service only available in mainland UK. You will receive a very tailored upholstered looking cover.

Our tailored service is now discounted to our copy cover service price with a small surcharge of £145 per order per tailored visit. This is excellent value compared to any other tailored service in the UK.

If you have any further questions about this guide please call or email us, we’ll be happy to help!

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