Loose Covers

Loose Covers are Our Specialty

Choose our tailored loose covers and we guarantee no other company will match the fit, quality, or price—a bold statement that we stand by!

We have earned our reputation as the UK’s number one, independent tailored loose cover supplier, and we’ll prove it to you. Please click the images!

When we began our foray into home interiors, we chose to build our business upon our biggest passion—loose covers. Initially called The Loose Cover Company LTD, we began offering other services and quickly outgrew our name. So quickly, in fact, that we decided to change our name to Eeze Interiors and offer far more services to our clients. Though our trading name may be Eeze Interiors, we will always be The Loose Cover Company LTD.

Our work has become so popular that we’ve contracted our services out to many of the highest-end shops in Northern England, including:

  • Thatchers of Huddersfield
  • Berry’s of Leyburn
  • Browns of York
  • Rackhams of Bradford (now Leeds)
  • Lewis’s of Leeds
  • Swannacks of Retford
  • Greeney’s of York
  • Stitches of Malton
  • Plumbs of Preston

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of loose cover experience over the years. Don’t let our name change fool you; we still offer a plethora of loose cover services even today.

We offer high-end bespoke fitted and tailored covers which look exactly like a fully upholstered item, and we also deal in more modern fitting covers we’ve aptly named, Eeze Covers. Whichever you select, you’ll be sure to be providing your furniture with a luxurious fabric and a brand new look.

Tailored Loose Covers

At Eeze Interiors, we are dedicated to giving new life to your furniture at a price you can afford. As a leading loose cover maker in the UK, we’ve provided thousands of customers with beautiful, tailored loose covers that change the very ambiance of a room.

To best serve you, we can dispatch a tailor directly to your home to take detailed templates of your furniture and ensure your tailored loose covers hug the contours of your furniture perfectly.

Moreover, our loose covers are more convenient and easier to take care of than traditional upholstery. And with our high-quality fabrics, your loose covers not only look great, they stand the test of time.

Modern Eeze Loose Covers

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Made to fit a more modern lifestyle, Eeze Loose Covers are full of vibrant colours and exciting fabrics. Although they carry less detail than our tailored loose covers, Eeze Covers offer a tremendous value and still manage to fit your furniture just right. This is a discounted service and is ideal for clients who have old covers to copy.

Whichever you choose, you can find hundreds of fabrics, styles, and colours in our showroom. Come visit us and find what you love; if you need more help, we’ll be glad to custom design your loose cover to match your specific needs. After all this is why we are known as the number 1 independent tailored loose cover provider in the UK.

Click here to order some free fabric samples from our Eeze website

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Loose Covers