Contract soft furnishings

Contract soft Furnishings

We are a contract soft furnishings company that can work with any size or type of company, residential properties, nursing homes, holiday homes, holiday cottages, retirement living complexes, schools. We provide our quality services for made to measure curtains, loose covers, reupholstery and other soft furnishings. Our qualified teams work their best to create a unique looking environment which would be designed according to your needs and requirements. If you have a lot of old furniture in your working area or residential place, then we would be able to transform the entire place into a newly furnished one.

If you are in need of new made to measure curtains, then we would be able to provide you with the best fabric, design, patterns that would suit your environment and would be appreciated by your visitors. We supply tailor-made loose covers that fit your old sofa in a perfect way, so that you get a brand new sofa in a few minutes. And the best thing about our tailor-made covers is that, they are removable and you can wash and clean them easily. If you are looking for the option of reupholstery then, that is also not a problem; as we deal with a lot of old furniture and transforming this into brand new furniture is what we do.

Reupholstery is a process where the old furniture is undertaken by experienced and qualified workers, who are able to repair and modify it in such a way; that it would be hard for you to tell whether it is the same old sofawhich got a transformation or a brand new sofa altogether. If you are looking for a full renovation of your place then we would make sure to give you the best options for curtains, loose covers and reupholstery services for your project; which will definitely transform your entire place into a much better environment that would be appreciated by everyone, who visits.

You simply need to tell us about your needs and requirements, so that our team can come up with a plan about the transformation of your workplace or residential project. Once it gets your approval, then we will start our work and within the allotted time, we will be able to give you, your dream home which you will love. If you have any questions about our working practise’s or systems, then you are free to contact us, we welcome your questions.



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