Fabrics for reupholstery

Need free fabric Samples? Call Eeze Interiors

It is time to do a little redecorating and now you have to pick up fabrics for reupholstery or soft furnishings. Whom do you contact and what interior designer do you use? That is an easy choice if you want the samples to come to you rather than you going to them – Eeze Interiors. With one of the most comprehensive sample programs in England, they mail out between 75-100 samples a week to customers throughout Europe.

They make requesting samples as easy as

reupholstery fabrics

reupholstery fabrics possible by having a place on their website where customers can order their samples online. Penny and her team is kept busy hand picking samples from their own in house sample department. They then create a letter that will accompany the samples to their final destination. Often they have to communicate directly with the customer to clarify exactly what the customer is expecting. Once the letter and fabric are combined it is a trip to the post office and they are finished until next week when it starts all over again.

When redecorating one can go to a designer store and look at paint and fabrics trying to picture what it will look like at home. But the more convenient and better way is to have that sample at home where you can actually hold it up to the wall, or lay it on that chair or couch to make visualization easier. If you are considering upgrading or redecorating a room or the entire house, contact Eeze Interiors for consultation. Getting samples could not be eezier!

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