Made to measure curtains in Yorkshire

Made to measure Curtains in Yorkshire

Any interior designer will tell you that when someone enters a room their eyes are instantly drawn to the curtains; they can make or break your room! This means they are doubly important to get right, and there are a number of factors you should consider before purchasing; here’s the Ezee Interiors guide to choosing the perfect made to measure curtains in Yorkshire.

Colour and Fabriccurtains in Yorkshiremade to meas

Getting the fabric right is essential; if it’s too heavy the curtains will not fold as crisply as you’d like and if they’re too light they won’t fall particularly well. We can help you work out which is the right fabric for your room.

When it comes to colour you must take into account the fact that sunlight may fade your curtains over time; in light of this (no pun intended!) you may want to avoid bright, striking printed colours as these will fade faster. Instead woven fabrics or textured fabrics may be the better option.

Measuring Up

Before measuring up you should decide how high above the window you’d like the curtains to sit. Hanging panels higher can make the room seem taller in height; designers often hang curtains six inches above the window frame, though some have been known to go even higher than this for a truly dramatic effect. Eeze Interiors will guide you and explain the options.

Off the Peg or Custom Made?

There really is only one choice here. Off the peg curtains can be a quicker fix, but that’s the only advantage that they offer. Custom made curtains are created specifically for your room, to your tastes; they’ll compliment the look you have and set your room off perfectly. At Eeze Interiors we will work with you to produce the ideal curtains for the ambience of your room; we have a wide range of colours, designs and fabrics which suit all tastes and we are sure that you’ll be 100% satisfied by the high end finish of our products.

Why not give us a call today or call into our showroom and we’ll help you pick the perfect made to measure curtains in Yorkshire.

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Made to measure curtains in Yorkshire

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