Made to measure Curtains

When it comes to making a room look great and creating the right ambience, nothing beats a well- dressed window.

Curtains come in a range of sizes and styles, and while it may seem easy and convenient to simply buy a pair of ready-made curtains off the shelf to fit your window, it certainly does not compare with the quality and style of made to measure curtains.

Ready-made curtains come in standard sizes. The problem with this is that windows come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes, so even though you might be lucky to find a pair of ready-made curtains that fit a window perfectly, the chances are that on other windows the length may be too short or the width could be a bit too big. This takes the shine off the overall effect you are trying to create.

With made to measure services, you can be confident that your curtains will be the best fit for the size and shape of your window, giving you the interior design that you envisioned. Another benefit is that you do not need to do the measuring yourself, with made to measure services a professional curtain fitter will arrive at your home to do all the measuring for you, at your convenience and at no extra cost.

There are many advantages of made to measure curtains.

Apart from getting the ideal fit for a window, you can also tailor in any extra features, such as additional layers of lining, to make a truly bespoke design that fits in with your needs. Interlining is also a great option. Another layer of fabric padding is added to the curtains with the lining, creating great insulation against draughty windows which is important when it comes to keeping warmth in the room. It also allows full length curtains to drop nicely as they will have a heavier weight.

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Although quick and easy to purchase and put up, there is a compromise to be had if you opt for ready-made curtains. You are limited when it comes to fabric choices, as the prints or textures that are displayed are the only ones available.

With made to measure curtains, there is a much wider selection of fabrics to choose from. Not only that, the scope for design is up to you. Maybe you want traditional hook and ring style, eyelets or a pelmet across the top. The style choice can be decided by you with the advice of the curtain maker, so you can really get the look you want for your room. A skilled curtain maker can create any style of curtain, out of any kind of fabric you choose, and create something that is original in its design. With made to measure curtains, you can also be sure you are getting quality for your money.

Ready-made curtains do offer great convenience, but, for a truly desired look in any room, made to measure curtains offer you more for your money in that they fit better, look better and give that wow factor to your window.

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