Sofa Covers for easy care.

Sofa Covers

If you are thinking of purchasing a new sofa but the one you have is a quality piece of furniture that is just a little worn, you might just want to consider getting custom-made sofa covers as a solution. Over time, wear and tear may affect the fabric but leave the rest of the piece in perfect tact. Custom sofa covers made out of the right fabric could provide an economic solution to the problem.

So the key to the project is selecting the right fabric in the proper color for the room. Choosing something bold like floral or plaids may work this year but be out next year. Choosing a solid pattern need not necessarily be boring if you use it with the right accents like pillows and throws. Each year or season you can change the entire look by replacing new accents. You also need to consider your own lifestyle. For instance if you have children, a nice cream-colored sofa cover might not be the right choice. You may want the fabric to be washable for more versatility. Keeping a sofa clean that sees high traffic volume can be a nightmare. Machine washable fabrics allow you to save fabrics quickly from stains, dirt and grime setting in.

Determine just how much wear and tear the piece that is being covered gets on a day-to-day basis. If the furniture is used every day with a variety of users, sofa covers must be covered with tough, resilient, snugly woven material such as velvet, cotton, linen or chenille. Damask materials where the pattern is woven wear much better than printed materials. Color likewise comes into play when figuring out the wear and tear of a sofa cover. Light colored material could be appropriate, whereas a darker material may be a much better option where youngsters play or where food is eaten. However, if you have a light-colored pet and no children you may prefer a lighter material.

The next thing to consider when selecting fabric is texture. For instance nice linen may not work as it easily wrinkles and can crease a silk material may seem luxurious but may be too delicate for a sofa. The best thing you can do is to take swatches of different colored textures home with you and lay them out to make sure you get the perfect match.

Or better still you can contact Eeze Interiors and have us send you a selection of free fabric samples.

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