Tailored Sofa Covers

Tailored Sofa Covers

A tailored sofa cover can add beauty to that old piece of furniture that you would otherwise dispose of. You can use tailored sofa covers to either update an older sofa or protect your new sofas and chairs from wear and tear. In addition, you can use these sofa covers to re-decorate your living room as well.

Sofa covers come in many materials and styles; therefore, customising them to fit your style is easy. These covers can be custom made to fit your sofa like a glove, making it impossible for anyone to realise that it is simply a cover.

Deciding an outlet to purchase a sofa cover needs a little research to ensure you get value for you money. In addition, you need to purchase a cover that will add life to your living room. You need to start by identifying a few companies, and later compare their covers with your preferences. Pricing is also a factor that you need to consider.

The cost of custom made sofa covers depends on a few variables. The material type is one such variable, but you should know that more often than not a tailored one always comes at a higher price due to the effort and time put into the work by the designer. However, the final product will always be a beautiful cover that will be very different from covers available from other companies.

tailored sofa coverTailored sofa covers

There are a number of benefits of removable sofa covers when compared to fixed upholstery. It is easy to clean removable covers; though check whether or not you need the services of a cleaning company because of their complexity. On the other hand, cleaning removable covers is easy to do yourself. This makes cleaning easy and enjoyable, unlike fixed upholstery, where you need a lot of time and energy cleaning all parts of the sofa. Cleaning old and worn fixed sofa covers is not easy. However, cleaning a removable cover is simply a walk in the park.

Use of removable sofa covers can provide a more subtle look too; you can purchase sofa covers with matching cushion covers. Use of these covers can give your sofas and chairs an elegant tailored look and feel. This will give your living room a different kind of contrast; the more different types textures that you incorporate in your living room, the better. This will give your house a natural and earthy atmosphere; hence making transformation of your house complete.

Your sofa and chairs are the centre piece of your living room; therefore, using covers that accentuate this fact is crucial; the fabric and colour of your sofa should be the main theme of your living room; you must then fit other pieces around that theme.

One of the biggest challenges of finding the best tailor-made sofa covers is that sofas come in different shapes and sizes. You may come across a beautiful cover; however, it might not be the size of cover for your furniture. You need to pick a sofa cover that fits your sofa as closely as possible; this is important especially when ordering ready-made removable sofa covers.

Note that sofas come in various categories like the styles of their seat backs. There is tight back, loose pillow, multi pillow and attached pillow back sofas and chairs. Understanding your type of sofas and chairs while shopping for custom covers is very important.

Attached pillow back is another type of sofa and chair. This type of sofa comes with fastened pillow that softens the lines of the sofa along its back. This type of sofa allows you to sit comfortably unlike tight back sofas and chairs. To purchase sofa covers for this type of sofa, you would definitely require tailored sofa cover’s from a reputable company like Eeze Interior’s.

Loose pillow back sofas and chairs are another type of sofa that you need to familiarise yourself with. This type of sofa has an equal number of back cushions as well as seat cushions. This is one of the difficult pieces to get ready-made cushions for; this is because you will have to use padding to hold the pillows down. Therefore, custom-made covers are ideal for this type of sofa.

A multi-pillow back sofa is another kind of sofa found in many modern homes. The reason why many people prefer this sofa type is that the back cushions outnumber the seat cushions. These seats are very popular as you can just sink back and relax. It is difficult to get ready-made covers for multi-pillow back sofa; hence why you need custom-made covers. You may as well invite whoever is to make its cover to your home to take a look at it; this will ensure that you get the best cover that will suit your sofa.

Now that you are familiar with different types of sofa styling that can influence your choice of the right tailored sofa covers for you, you are ready to go out and shop for the best made ones. Remember that you need covers that will protect your sofa and give your living room a great theme as well as great comfort. Add life to your living room by choosing uniquely tailored sofa covers as a solution to either your tired, old sofa or as a way to add value to your existing ones.

Eeze Interior’s are sure to have the perfect fitted sofa cover’s for your furniture, they are a professional company that as been manufacturing tailored sofa covers for over 25 years.

Tailored Sofa Covers

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